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Welcomes you to Tanzania

Tanzania is recognized as the leading nature destination in Africa. Out of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa, three of the World Heritage Sites of Tanzania, namely Kilimanjaro National Park (Mount Kilimanjaro), the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (Ngorongoro Crater) and Serengeti National Park (Serengeti Migration) that were voted on 11th February, 2013 are among of them.

Inspired by the sheer wealth of natural attractions that Tanzania holds, Andymagina Travel Agency has prepared to provide the best conditions for visitors to share with us the wonders of this country. It is a unique, incredible, and magnificent destination.

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About Andymagina Travel Agency

Andymagina travel agency is a company that carries on the business of travel agency, tour operators, and to promote and facilitate travelling of tourists by means of booking, accommodation, issuing of travelling tickets, providing guides, transport arrangements and provision of all services relating to car game drives and safaris, walking, and sightseeing safaris.

We believe that visiting natural and cultural attractions in Tanzania cannot only be the best reason of safari for all our visitors. Andymagina travel agency meets you with local communities while participating in social activities, in particular, orphanage support, educational support and older people’s center that really changes lives of local people and define the nature of humans.

Why Andymagina Travel Agency

Andymagina travel agency is comprised of a team who strive always for excellent experience in safari satisfaction. Making sure our clients get the best holiday safari experience. We are an adventure specialist. Our mission is to create inspirational holiday for everyone traveling with us.

Service is our focus and with every client we collaborate with we intend and deliver maximum care and attention to detail, to comfort, and to precision of experience delivery.  Authenticity of experience and of connection with our clients is central to our mission.